Why it’s important to always get an injury checked 

Over the last few months I’ve mentioned before about an injury to my left hip. It started about 6 months ago and only seemed to really hurt when doing squats but sometimes for jump squats and box jumps. My PT and I worked round it and even stopped training legs for a while. It would come and go and at one point I’d lost all my strength and so we had to build it all back again (so frustrating!). I stopped cycling for a while and then started again which aggravated it more than before. I was hitting my PBs for squats about a month ago and finally got 65kg which I was really proud of; I weigh 58kg so more than my own body weight! Then the bad hip came back again 😦
We just couldn’t figure it out. It hurt really badly when I got to the lowest part of the squat. By working out what was trigging the most pain, we could work round it. Box squats were fine so I could build my strength back. My left leg is still much weaker than my right because I’ve been compensating for the injury; even my deadlifts are slightly wonky now! 
Last week I decided enough was enough. Nothing was working and I was trying different stretches but really I didn’t know if they were helping or not! I booked into see a private physic (pricey but worth it!). Going in with a tonne of details about when my leg hurt meant he could give me a diagnosis straight away. I have Femoral Acetabular Impingement syndrome (try saying that after a few drinks!) which is very common for women, especially those who are very active. Pain is caused because two areas are contacting or impinging on each other resulting in pain. The femoral head rotates in the socket (acetabulum). During impingement, the neck of the femur contacts the lip of the hip socket. The diagrams below show the different types you can get; 

Without having an x-ray, I won’t know which kind but it doesn’t matter as they all require the same treatment. It had always felt like something being pinched so now it makes perfect sense! Luckily I don’t need surgery and I can continue with my current fitness regime; I just shouldn’t do any exercises that cause me pain, such as deep squats. I also have a series of exercises to do which will help. I had hoped I could get out of leg day, but it seems I can’t 😉
I’m so relieved to have found a solution and if I hadn’t then I could have caused myself a serious long term injury here and even the possibility of surgery. My advice is always get checked; if something hurts when training and you can’t move correctly then there could be something wrong. Always see a professional and get it diagnosed, it was the best money I’ve spent! 


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