How I’m trying to not let Instagram ruin my self esteem 

I love Instagram. It’s a great platform for finding fitness inspiration, sharing your journey and drooling over beautiful pictures of food. But in a world of #cleaneating and gym freaks, it can feel a scary place for newbies and you can obsess over how people look and the fact you don’t have abs you can grate cheese on.
When I started my journey I wasn’t too obsessed with following these people on Instagram. I was on my own fitness journey world just doing what I was doing and struggling to find inspiration for meals and exercise plans. I started to follow a few people and then suddenly my feed was full of them. Now people like Joe Wicks and Clean Eating Alice dominate our feeds and are mainstream. And for good reason! These guys are inspiring, especially Alice who’s own journey from gym novice to fitness star is something I aspire to. But the market is becoming saturated with people who ‘eat clean’ and ‘never touch refined sugars’ or eat a pizza. Really? Get a life! If you obsess about it, it can make you feel miserable. I know I would spend hours scrolling through posts of all these amazing bodies and feel shit about myself. Not what it’s meant to be about, is it?
My advice? Ignore them. I’ve filtered out quite a few of these people on my feed now; the smug, over the top posts, trying to highlight how wonderful their lives are and how they ate so bloody healthy that day. Oh well done you, because you’re just like me. You supposedly work 9-5 and live a hectic life but really you make a living out of this and thats why you look the way you do. It’s not realistic and it’s not real life. Rather than making you feel good about yourself, they make you feel bad for missing a gym session or eating that one jelly bean earlier. 
Instead I follow those who inspire me, not those who jump around their living room in a bikini because they’re promoting ‘body confidence’. Oh shut up and go eat some almond butter and a boiled egg.
I follow those who have been through the same journey and understand where you’ve come from. They share useful training or recipe videos that you can actually use rather than videos of them eating some raw, vegan ‘no fun’ brownie. They are real and genuine and make you feel better about where you are because they have been there to.
What inspired this lengthy rant? I saw this post from fitness star Zanna Van Dijk earlier today. 

I love the honesty here and the focus on health over aesthetics (something I’m just starting to understand and motivate me). No one looks like this without working hard and eating the most boring food in the world. So many of these ab show offs on Instagram lie about how they look like that. It’s not real and the average person just won’t look like that. I saw this post and i thought to myself ‘it doesn’t matter what others are doing and sharing. As long as I’m happy and progressing how I want, that’s all that matters’. Besides, no one walks around with their abs out….
Rant over. Now for some tasty food 🙂


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