How I learnt to fit in training round a hectic new schedule

I’ve been a bit slow in updating this blog recently because I went away for the weekend to a very hot Glasgow (yes, really!) and I also started my new job! A hectic week of trying to get my head round a totally new environment to what I’m use to has meant I’ve not been able to catch up on my blog and other social channels. But everyone has busy lives so I’ve sat down in my new study (so pretty!) and dedicated some time to updating this. I’ve actually seen lots of new visitors to my blog which is nice to see even though I’ve not been pushing it much; thanks very much if you’re one of them 🙂

Being busy made me also think about how I’ve tried to fit my training around this new work schedule. My previous job was quite flexible about when you arrived and left, as long as you did the hours. With my new job I’ve needed to be in the office at a certain time in the morning and as soon as I saw the start time I had a mild panic. Not because I can’t get up early enough (I’m a morning person so sleeping past 9 is a real struggle) but because I was worried I wouldn’t fit my training in. I can easily do evening sessions on my own but I don’t push myself as much without my trainer Will there to shout at me and sometimes say something encouraging…sometimes 😉

My trainer is very busy so I knew I couldn’t get other times booked in which meant I wouldn’t have any! Panic set in and it’s then that I realised how much this fitness regime meant to be. Its exhausting, sometimes demotivating, exhilarating when you smash a PB and consumes my thoughts and actions every day. I even had a friend this week ask to be introduced to my trainer because she read my blog and wanted to take her fitness to the next level. Hearing from people that recognise what you’ve done and the hours spent in the gym is a massive boost!

So why the panic? The idea that I would have to give this up or do a paired down version by myself made me sick with worry a
nd almost reduce me to tears (yes I know how pathetic that is). I don’t know if others feel this way but I think I have joined a community who might not see me as a crazy person now!

So what did I do? I talked to my trainer and we shifted my sessions to an earlier time every week. It means I have to get up at 545am twice a week but I’m willing to sacrifice sleep to keep going on my journey. I’m an early riser but my trainer isn’t so the fact he’s making the effort really highlights how committed he is to his clients (a great sign of a PT!)

So, today was my first day trying the new time and factoring in getting ready and the drive to work and I arrived ten minutes early! I can’t describe the relief I felt to know that I could still continue with part of my old life in this brand new world I’ve walked in to.

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I’m sure there are others out there who are even busier than me and still fit in time to work out and I applaud you. Because, if you want to make it work, then you do and the rewards are worth it.



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