Why people need to stop obsessing about abs

In the fitness world it all seems to be about abs. Everywhere you look it’s people with their tops off, rippling six pack on show. It seems to be the ultimate sign that you’re super fit. Except it isn’t. 

I find it annoying and it creates an unhealthy obsession. To get that six pack requires a lot of work and not in the gym. As people always say “abs are made in the kitchen”. It requires lots of chicken and broccoli and not a lot of fun. One of my best mates said she worked for months to have her abs ready for a holiday. She looked amazing but after two days of normal eating, the abs were gone. Seems a lot of effort and she said she wouldn’t bother again.

When I look around a gym I can see the gender difference associated with the aesthetics of looking ripped. Men focus on their arms and chests and women spend hours doing a million sit ups. I hate it and it drives me up the wall that women shy away from weights and head straight to the mats to do their abs. I’m not one of those girls. I rarely do ab specific exercises but I’ve got a very strong core. It comes from doing a range of exercises from squats to deadlifts. You won’t find me on the mats, I’ll be over on the platforms lifting heavy things.

When I started my journey I wanted those dream abs but it requires giving up something I love; food! Besides, I’ll never walk around with my top off so who will see them? Instead I’ve concentrated on toning areas I know will be on show; arms, back and legs. I’m now starting to see results and getting compliments. But it’s not just for aesthetic reasons, I love lifting for the adrenaline rush when you smash a PB and show what ladies can really do! Come on girls, step away from the mat area and let’s lift weights 🏋🏻 

Here I am with my not so obvious six pack (maybe two pack?). I know it’s there but I’m not obsessing. Who walks around with their top off anyways?


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