Can you outtrain a bad diet?

Short answer? No. 

This makes me sad because I love pizza, crisps and wine! 

I, like so many others, thought I could still eat naughty and as long as I exercised then it balanced it out. This kind of works in the beginning, especially if you’re not looking to lose weight or tone up. But sadly, if you want to see results in how you look and your performance then it’s all about the food.

I was sceptical about this in the beginning. Was I going to have to eat chicken and broccoli (if you want abs, then yes!)? My trainer gave me a strict meal plan including omelettes for breakfast and steak for dinner. Not bad eh? I soon came to realise that actually this new eating regime wasn’t so bad. I say “eating regime” rather than “diet” because I hate that word. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice and something you have to stick to. 

This mantra stuck with me from the beginning and one of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen. Yes it’s hard and yes I’m naughty but with a lot of will power and seeing immediate results then you soon realise making the right choices is the most rewarding thing.

If you’ve ever trained when absolutely hanging after a night out then you’ll know what mean; although bizarrely I train better?!? Apparently it’s because for women, alcohol increases testosterone levels! Fascinating! Although this doesn’t work every time and I tend to feel pretty shit afterwards! 

Your food fuels your performance. Good stuff in = good stuff out. I wouldn’t have believed that a year ago but after lots of lessons learnt then I can 100% say it’s true.


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